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Did you know that:

☛ Professionals frequently debate our project initiative failures can range from around a 70 to 90 percent rate and the ambiguity is subject to interpretation based on our field of view?
☛ According to the 2014 Project Management Institute’s ‘The High Cost of Low Performance‘, organizations report a loss of 109 million for every 1 billion dollars spent on projects?
☛ Some project management experts are claiming that we fail to focus on the 60 to 70 percent human-centric behaviors with projects?

The common message read in recent articles published by IEEE and Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) has been Quality of Experience (QoE). Several projects state their vision for their initiative is a focus on a better customer experience. I believe that a large portion of the challenged initiatives can be tackled through understanding human-centric behaviors with an emotional intelligence.

“A corporate marketing logic characterises those organisations which realise their institutions and corporate brands can be important sources of differentiation. Moreover, it is held that organisations need to be involved in multi‐lateral relationships vis‐à‐vis customers, other stakeholders and with society at large.”
~ European Journal of Marketing

Additionally, I am in alignment with Shep Hyken's belief that when we surpass the internal stakeholder's expectations, we can provide superior service to our customer's needs. What is the goal of our collaboration efforts? It's echoing the values of the project and organization to achieve the mission and vision for the intended target audience where the results have a positive result for our clientele. 

“I commit to being an agent of #change, a diligent #citizen that fosters a belief in hope so the future leaders of our communities can choose to learn from my mistakes so they can forge the path for their future needs. ” ~ Christine Deputy

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